What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds

No one ever plans to get arrested, but it happens numerous times every day, in every county of the nation. If it ever happens to you or a loved one, obtaining a bail bond is the most affordable way to get out of jail during the time it takes to gather up a strong legal defense against the charges you face.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is an amount of money paid to a court, set by a judge, to ensure the person arrested and charged will show up for court proceedings. The amount can vary, depending on the charges and the county in which the individual is arrested. A judge will also take into account the severity of the charges and the potential for the person to take off and not show up for court.

Why You Should Never Pay the Full Bond Yourself

Paying the entire bail bond amount in cash out of your pocket can include a high level of risk. If the person bonded out of jail misses one court date the bond can be revoked, leaving you with a complete loss of bond money and the individual in even more legal troubles. It is safer to go through a bail bond service.

What is required for a bail bond?

To obtain Northampton County bail bonds all you will have to do is come up with a specified percentage of the total bond amount. A bail bond company like Liberty Bail Bonds will then place the entire amount with the court on the promise that you will attend all court dates and fulfill all requirements. It is important that you keep your end of the bargain to avoid going back to jail.

Beyond Making All Court Dates

The bond is not just subject to your meeting the court dates. The court may require additional things like defensive driving classes, drug, and alcohol treatment, anger management therapy, and more. You are required to complete all court-ordered duties with the same due diligence as the mandatory court dates.

How can collateral help?

You can use items of value like car titles, boat titles, property, and more as collateral if you are short on funds. It simply needs to equate to the value of the percentage of bond money owed.

Landing in jail can create a stressful time for your family. Bail bond services are one way to get back to a normal routine and work towards clearing up legal issues from the comfort of home.