What to Do When an Attorney Retires Earlier Than Your Firm Expected

After years or even decades of service, it’s hard to let a retiring attorney go. The firm simply doesn’t operate the same without her. If you’re lucky, you’ll have plenty of time to plan for the transition, perhaps even asking the retiring attorney to help hire his replacement and help with the training. However, it’s not uncommon for an attorney at the right age to want to retire sooner than originally planned, leaving your firm without one of its major players. Fortunately, there’s a way to get the firm back on its feet faster than you might expect.

Call a Per Diem

Hire the best per diem attorney in New York as soon as you know an attorney is retiring. They’ll get back to you immediately, even with less than a day’s notice, to arrange the services you need in the attorney’s absence. The most prominent service is likely to be picking up any lingering cases from the retiring attorney or, if you’d prefer another member of the firm to handle that, picking up that attorney’s workload to free that attorney up to close cases.

Rely on Per Diem for Interviewing Period

You won’t find the new addition to your firm in a matter of days or even weeks. Rely on your per diem attorney to continue managing your workload so you don’t have to turn away new clients as you scramble to adjust to fewer attorneys on staff. You can also rely on the attorney to offer her opinion on who to hire during the interview process if desired. It can help to have a third party present to bring up potential issues with prospective candidates or point to the candidate who seems to fit in with the office environment the best.

Help with Office Tasks

Per diem attorneys aren’t only available for court dates. If you need an attorney to step in with research, interviewing clients, and managing depositions on a temporary basis, a per diem can help. The best attorneys are prepared to step in and take over the retiring lawyer’s role entirely or to take on any manner of legal task that needs doing as a result of your office shifting responsibilities around to make up for the attorney’s absence.

Per diem attorneys aren’t just there to help with the transition of a suddenly retiring lawyer, either. They can fill in for attorneys on vacation or taking sick days or help when your firm has a high case load and you need the extra expertise. They can even take on basic duties on a regular basis, including but not limited to court appearances.