Tips for Dividing Assets during a Divorce

The first step to dividing assets during a divorce is taking inventory of everything that the couple has. This would be everything that was acquired during the marriage. Things that were owned before the marriage or that were inherited are not considered to be marital property.

While it may be tempting to hide marital assets, this is never a wise idea. Divorce attorneys are intelligent and look for hidden assets right away. Be open and honest from the get-go. This is going to stop you from getting penalized later on during the divorce proceedings.

In some cases, a divorcing couple can divide assets in an amicable way. However, this is usually not possible. If you cannot come to an agreement together, it is a good idea to hire a mediator. The mediator will help when any difficult situations arise as the assets are being calculated and divided.

It is not worth it to fight about the small stuff. It can be easy to do this if you feel emotionally attached to something. However, holding onto the small stuff is not worth your time or energy because a judge is not going to look at your emotional attachment to most items. The judge sees things more black and white. The judge is not invested in the piece of property and really just cares about making sure that the assets are divided in a reasonable way. This is another area where it is not wise to hide assets. If you do so, you will be breaking the law.

Familiarize yourself with how property distribution is handled. You can work closely with a family law hernando county fl attorney during this process. You need to get familiar with the laws and procedures in your state that apply to divorce and asset distribution. This will allow you to see what is acceptable and what isn’t in the area where you live.

If you can hire a mediator, detach from the small stuff, and be honest about your assets, you will have the best results that could come from this difficult situation.