Harvard Law Students Occupy A School Constructing

Harvard LawThe Abandonment of the Very first of the 5 W’s of Journalism at Harvard Law Record.Why did the paper withhold El-Qoulaq’s name from the story about his antisemitic insult directed at Tzipi Livni? Offered that there are about 46,000 law graduates a year and about 760,000 lawyers in the US (according to the BLS) – so maybe 12,000 a year retiring more than that period (demographics skew younger since of 80-mid-noughties development) this indicates that there will be for 414,000 JDs for 208,000 jobs – and that assumed the BLS is right.

In New York, all lawyers need to register and list an address with the state bar, which is publicly available at Individuals usually list their function address, unless … Read More

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