Get To Know The Lawyer Profession Through These 10 Lawyer-themed Films

Like doctors, lawyers are often touted as a prestigious profession. Especially if we look at those who are already successful. His lifestyle, clothes, do not forget his speaking skills. Lawyers often look charismatic. Behind it all, there must be joys and sorrows experienced by lawyers. However, we have never seen them work because what we see is only their appearance. We can get to know the profession of the lawyer through 10 films about lawyers.

1. The Lincoln Lawyer [2011]

Appointed from the novel by Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer tells of Mickey Haller who works as a young lawyer with a flamboyant appearance. He was asked to become a lawyer for a rich kid named Louis Roulet who was accused of violence against a prostitute. Mick then worked with his relationship, Frank Levin, to resolve the case. When finding irregularities, his relationship was even killed.

2. Erin Brockovich [2000]

Erin Brockovich is a single mother with three children resulting from two marriages which ended in divorce. He entered the law firm to become an admin but took part in resolving the pro bono case regarding land disputes which led him to the case of environmental pollution. Erin has no legal background, but she is very ambitious when involved in a case. Erin Brockovich’s film is a biographical film adapted from a true story. Even the original character said that the accuracy of his biopic reached 98%. Besides being able to see how a lawyer deepens a case, this film also gives a lot of positive messages.

 3. Philadelphia [1993]

Andrew Beckett is a lawyer at a large law firm in Philadelphia with a same-sex partner, Miguel Alvarez. He was framed for being expelled for suffering from HIV. He plans to sue the firm by asking for help from Joe Miller, a famous lawyer. Joe, who was reluctant at first, was moved because he felt that everyone deserved the same treatment. Philadelphia was released in the early ’90s when HIV was rife. The film opens people’s eyes to the profession of lawyers and equality of the fulfillment of basic rights for humans. No wonder this film won many awards.

 4. A Civil Action [1998]

Jan Schlichtmann works in a small law firm in Woburn, Massachusetts. He was asked by Anne Anderson to take legal steps against environmental pollution. Although he had refused, he finally took the case and involved two large companies. Water contaminated due to negligence caused the death of many children. Jan, who is considered to threaten the good names of these companies, is lured by money to stop his work. Jan insisted that they must apologize and compensate the people who were affected by environmental pollution. Jan’s determination did not always bear fruit, he was even declared bankrupt. A Civil Action starring John Travolta, Robert Duvall, and James Gandolfini. Inspired by books that take stories from real events in the 80s, this film managed to meet the expectations of the audience because the story is interesting and unique. How many films raise both legal and environmental issues at the same time? Too bad if passed.

5. A Few Good Men [1992]

Tom Cruise again plays the character of a Navy, it’s just that in this film became a Harvard graduate lawyer. Acting as Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee in collaboration with Lieutenant Joanne Galloway uncover the murder case in the Marine Corps. Despite briefly disregarding the case, Kaffee was finally interested in finding an oddity that led them to one important name, Colonel Nathan R. Jessup. The film focuses on military court proceedings which are rarely brought to the big screen. It is very interesting how Kafee and Galloway prepare the trial in such detail. A military court is certainly different from a civil court. It’s a shame if I have never watched this film.

6. The Rainmaker [1997]

Rudy Baylor is a law school student in his final semester. He was asked to provide legal advice to the elderly who later became his clients. Their children suffering from leukemia were refused by insurance companies for medical expenses. Rudy sees this problem as cheating by large companies on small people who do not understand the law. Unfortunately to handle this case he had to deal with one of the famous lawyers in America who was appointed by the insurance company he sued. The Rainmaker is adapted from a book of the same name by John Grisham. The author himself practiced as a lawyer before choosing to leave the profession to become a writer. The book which was later made into a film is one of the ways to sue injustice in the existing legal system. Is it possible for a large company with a famous lawyer to be defeated by a small person with an inexperienced lawyer? Check out the story in this film.

7. Primal Fear (1996)

A reliable lawyer named Martin Vail intervened to handle the murder of a priest. The party accused of being the killer was his altar boy named Aaron Stampler. Various evidence such as lead to the conclusion that Aaron was indeed the murderer, but Vail never gave up and continued to look for other evidence to win this case (he never lost in court). After further investigation, it turned out that Aaron had multiple personalities. Primal Fear stars Richard Gere and Edward Norton. The second name received an award for acting in this amazingly riveting film. The most attention from this film is how the dialogue between the lawyer and the suspect feels so real. Will Martin Vail lose this time? Find the answer in this film.

 8. The Judge [2014]

Hank Palmer who works as a lawyer who is having personal problems must return to his hometown because his mother died. He met his father who did not have a good relationship with him and also his two younger siblings. Returning to his place of growth brought him to a new problem, namely his father, who was one of the most respected judges, was suspected of premeditated murder. Instead of appointing his son to be a lawyer, he instead appoints someone else. The inability of his lawyer eventually led to Hank being appointed as his father’s lawyer and investigating the case. The Judge is an interesting film not only to be seen from a legal perspective but also an emotional standpoint because it gives a large portion of family issues. Its main strength lies in the dialogue and acting of its good players. This film combines legal issues with family problems in one story, is it interesting enough?

9. Cape Fear [1991]

Max Cady is a convict who has just spent 14 years in prison. Once he came out there was one thing he was aiming for that was to get revenge on his lawyer named Sam Bowden. Sam used to fail to free him from the sentence handed down for his acts of violence against women. To keep his family away from Cady, Sam had to break the law. Cape Fear is a remake of a film of the same name that was released in 1962. The film, directed by Martin Scorsese, is again using De Niro as the main actor. De Niro’s ability to explore the role of psycho deserves a thumbs up.

10. Wild [1997]

A lawyer needs skills in using words. Not to manipulate, but to make the way of thinking that listening is guided at a certain perspective according to his wishes. Or in terms of derogation is lying. That’s what trying to convey in the 1997 release film titled Liar Liar. Fletcher Reede, an accomplished lawyer who was so successful in the courtroom had to find that his personal life with his wife and child was ruined. Feeling left out because of his behavior that often flashes his tongue he promised his son would not lie for one day. The problem was that on that day he was required to accompany his client in court. Will he be able to win without lying? Check out the excitement in this film! That is the recommendation if you want to get to know the profession of the lawyer through 10 films about lawyers. Besides lawyers, there are also films about detectives who are not less interesting, you know! If you want to add other recommended films, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments below!