Experience on Both Sides of the Table

At A Loss

The events after a car accident or an animal attack may seem like a blur. A great deal of shock often goes hand-in-hand with the accident. Trauma and pain may be your main focuses in the days following the accident in question. However, those are also the times when it is crucial that you find a lawyer who can best represent your interests. Injuries need to be recorded and documented, and statements need to be made while they’re still fresh in your mind. It may be painful to relive those memories, but to better protect yourself and to receive some form of compensation, you need to act quickly. The Law Offices of Patrcik G. Cadiz may be the guiding hand that you need.

Why Cadiz Stands Apart

As you might imagine, there’s an abundance of lawyers out there eager to take your case. Not all were created equal. Some are simply better suited than others. Where Cadiz stands out from the rest is his unique experience in not just defending clients against insurance companies, but also his experience in defending insurance companies. Before he started his own office, he was the Defense Attorney for an insurance company, and as such, he was able to gain intimate insight as to how a DA works for such a company. Because of that, he knows the weaknesses and strengths of their defense and can apply those strategies to your case. So, if your a victim of an animal bite, auto or motorcycle accident, a personal injury, or a slip and fall, then Cadiz can help fight for your rights in court. Going up against a big company can be a daunting experience, but Cadiz is prepared to negotiate and battle with them on your behalf.

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to refuse payment to those injured. Don’t let yourself be a victim twice and instead take action into your own hands by hiring a lawyer who will have your back and refuses to settle until you’re satisfied.