Decide Whether Getting a Divorce is the Right Thing to Do

Getting a divorce can be a serious and painful process. Taking it lightly, especially if you have children, may not be the best thing to do. Weighing options before contacting divorce lawyers in Gurnee IL can help you make an informed decision.

Perhaps you and your spouse could benefit from a legal separation or annulment. Below is some information on what divorce can and cannot do.

How Can a Divorce Help Your Situation?

Basically, a divorce is a legal process that ends a marriage and determines who gets what. This includes any property accumulated during the marriage. If you have children, a divorce lays out the conditions for how they are cared for by you and your ex.

What a divorce does not do is resolve the emotional pain that comes with splitting up. This is especially true if you are dealing with an affair or your soon-to-be ex decides to move to another state.

It might be difficult to maintain your standard of living after the divorce. You may also find the person you loved refusing to maintain civil relations.

The Difference Between a Legal Separation and an Annulment

Maybe you can appeal to your spouse to get a legal separation instead of a divorce. You might have already decided to stop living together, which is considered a separation. However, a legal separation is similar to a divorce.

Typically, you must file a petition with the court to get a legal separation. Technically you are not divorced, but your responsibility for your spouse ceases. This might be a better option for financial reasons.

With an annulment, there is a legal declaration that the marriage was never valid. This might apply if you married while both you and your spouse were minors and your parents did not give proper consent. Legal grounds for an annulment include impotence, mental illness and fraud.

Deciding if Divorce is the Right Solution

Marital counseling might be a good thing to do before deciding to get a divorce. Considering the emotional consequences for your children may also inform your decision. The important thing is believing you are making the right decision.