An Experienced Lawyer Can Help Ensure You Get The Best Possible Outcome In Your Injury Claim

When you’re injured through the fault of another, you may be entitled to compensation in the form of damages. The problem many people run into is that the at-fault party’s insurance company will send an adjuster to offer an early settlement. This is a problem in that it’s usually a low offer intended to settle the matter, before the full extent of the victim’s injuries can be determined.

For that reason, it’s recommended that you don’t accept any offer without first consulting an experienced injury lawyer in San Antonio. A lawyer with knowledge of personal injury law and the experience that comes with representing past clients will know whether the settlement offer is fair. An attorney will negotiate a better settlement for you, or can be on hand to handle a case that must go to trial.

Additionally, many people don’t realize that there are differences in law, depending on which type of injury case you’re pursuing. For instance, workplace accidents may allow you to collect damages in addition to worker’s compensation. A wrongful death claim is restricted by who can bring the claim and by who can receive damages for the death. Whether a dog bite, personal injury, or construction accident, your attorney can explain the differences and help you evaluate the merits of your case.

Most times, an experienced attorney will be able to negotiate a settlement out of court, which will save time and money. However, if he or she can’t arrange a fair settlement, your attorney will be up to speed on the facts of your case. This will make it easier for your legal advocate to begin preparing your case for trial, which will require assembling evidence, talking to witnesses, and communicating with the defendant.

Many people try to handle an injury claim without a lawyer, believing it will save them money. Unfortunately, that can be a mistake that ends up costing them much more money. First, they won’t know how to negotiate for a fair settlement and may take whatever the insurance company offers. Secondly, the attorney’s fees are deducted from the damages awarded in the case, so there’s no need to worry about paying for the attorney in advance. In the end, an experienced lawyer is your best chance to recover the damages you need to pay for your medical bills, property damages, and missed work.