3 Reasons to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

An injury can happen at any time. You might slip and fall on a wet floor at a restaurant. You may get bitten by a neighbor’s dog. You may even get involved in a car accident. Whatever the injury may be, it’s important to get the needed legal counsel. By working with a personal injury lawyer Houston accidents can be overcome more easily.

Learn About Your Rights as a Victim

When you’re injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you become the victim. You should never be penalized for being the victim. When you work with a personal injury lawyer in Houston, you get to learn more about your rights. It’s possible to find out what your options are for covering damages, including injuries and property damage. Every case is different, so it’s critical to have an attorney who can advocate for your rights. An attorney can talk to you about the case and guide you through the process to ensure that you are properly taken care of.

Get the Care That You Need

It can be scary to deal with the idea of going to a doctor if you have been injured. Even with insurance, medical bills can be expensive. However, when you were not at fault for what happened, it should be the responsible party that pays. A personal injury lawyer can get you the care that you need. Attorneys at Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm, P.C., for example, can recommend doctors that you can go to. It will be an insurance claim, which means that there is no money directly out of pocket for you to get the healthcare that you need. Once the responsible party’s insurance accepts the claim, the doctors will be paid. It allows you to focus on getting the care that you need without stressing about how you will pay for co-pays, prescriptions, and more.

Fight for Compensation

Compensation packages may be available when you have been injured. Pain and suffering is a significant reason to work with a personal injury lawyer in Houston. You may be eligible for financial compensation above and beyond time lost from work as well as medical bills. This won’t make the pain of the accident go away but, it can help you to move forward without as many financial woes.

Dealing with an insurance company on your own can be overwhelming. To ensure that you get the care that you need and have someone fighting for the compensation that you deserve, it’s best to involve a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.